Video is a great medium with lots of advantages from entertainment to instructional. It is flexible enough to handle any kind of material, but where it really shines is in making the complex simple.

There is a distinct advantage to combining visuals, audio and graphics. It allows learners of all types engage with the material. It also makes it easier to absorb when your brain can assimilate information in different ways with different parts of the brain.

If your organization produces a fair number of videos,

then it’s time to consider building an archive for your footage and videos. This will help your production team create better videos quicker. It also could result in reducing costs dramatically over time.

Marketing and sales is tough these days. Customers are inundated with information and options.

It’s often tough for them to differentiate between them. That’s where video comes in. It’s also when adding customer testimonials can help.

Customer testimonials carry weight. When they are presented via video they are even more powerful. Here’s why: