March 2017


The Versatility of Video


Video is everywhere and it is growing in importance. In fact, 2015 was the first year users spent more time watching video than doing anything else online, including social media. So move aside Twitter and Facebook, video is taking over. That was likely the reason Facebook launched Facebook Live.


The best news is that video is versatile. It can adapt to any need and engage viewers in a variety of different ways.


Meet your audience where they want to meet—through video.


Engage them directly through video email. This versatile tool allows you to embed a video into your email and customize your delivery message. It’s a great way to invite people to an event, encourage support, raise funds, reach members, recruit, persuade and so much more.


Embed videos in your web site. Show your products, introduce your organization, share news, invite participation, share benefits, educate, inform, entertain. The possibilities are endless. You can even create an archive of videos in a reference library or mini gallery. Consider how impressive case studies would be with video backup, not to mention customer testimonials.


Employ videos in your internal communication with employees, members, sponsors, and board members. State of the Company presentations come to life with video. Sales meetings shine. Public relations is better with visual storytelling. Or perhaps you want to honor those in your organization who are doing stellar work or who have been an example for others to follow. Let your people see why their work matters in a personal way.


Share your successes with the world through commercials, PSAs, YouTube videos and social media.


This is our world now. People want to watch life happen before their eyes. They want to find out about jobs by watching a video and seeing what the organization is like. They want to learn in interactive modules instead of driving to a brick-and-mortar establishment. They want to experience their news, not read it.


Meet your customers where they are. Use video. And use it creatively. Strategically. Engage on every level.


Maximize Your Production Footage for Better ROI


Productions are an investment. They deserve a strategic approach to maximize your return. Don’t just make a shot list for the current project and call it good. You are missing out and wasting money. The better approach is to look for ancillary opportunities to build your video library.

Production set-ups take time. The crew has to place the cameras, lighting, cables, sound and prep the set. It takes time, so why not capture a little bit more while you’re there? If you take a broader view, you can grab footage that can be used in many ways. The key is to analyze the possibilities and how they apply to your organization as a whole and to its communications plan.


We advocate a broader approach when we do a production. With minimal time, you can dramatically increase the benefits from a strategic production.


The idea is to create a library of footage that can be cut, edited and repackaged to tell a variety of stories—an archive that will grow through the years to provide ample material for many videos. Why do each video piecemeal? Especially in a world where video is the preferred method of connecting? Broaden your view and create a strategy that fulfills a bigger plan. Shoot once and edit ten videos. Each time you do a production, think about building your video library for even more possibilities.

Here are our best tips for maximizing your footage:


  1. Have a master strategic plan for video in your organization. If you do not or are not sure how to plan for this, hire production consultants whose strength includes strategic production planning.
  3. Hire a professional team who will use the best equipment to future-proof your footage. There is nothing worse than finding the right images only to realize the footage is outdated, in the wrong format or of inferior quality. Always use the best quality you can afford. We recommend 4k or HD.
  5. Use proper sound setups. The camera mic is not your friend. Hire a team who uses professional sound equipment. This will allow you to strip the audio from the video for multiple applications.
  7. Proper lighting is paramount. Nothing ruins footage faster than poor lighting. Make sure your team knows how to deal with different lighting conditions (outdoors vs. a room filled with windows). This will help when you are transitioning between footage from different projects. You want to ensure all of your footage is of the same quality and look.
  9. Create an overall video style. This is similar to a graphic design style guide. It is a document that sets parameters for how video should look and how graphics and titling should be handled. This helps when you need to cut footage together from different projects.
  11. Capture as much B-roll as possible whenever you do a production shoot. B-roll is everything a director of photography shoots that is not involved in interviews or scripted scenes. It is the connective tissue of videos—the images that hold everything together. It is the essential element of a video library. Plan for it as part of your production. Every time. This will help you in the long run.

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